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Why are you discontinuing the Hood Milk product in your stores -- what are diabetics and those with health issues to do?? we buy several gallons a week of the chocolate and reduced fat milk??

We are in the inland empire, Rancho Cucamonga/Alta Loma area (Baseline and Carnelian store).

If you continue to remove all the products that are good for people, I do not have a reason to shop your store anymore. You have removed Chex variety cereals that are Gluten Free, Chocolate Malt 0 Meal hot cereal, etc.

What is left?? PLEASE breing back the Hood milk as soon as possible!

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I too am a type 1 diabetic and a milk lover. Finally I found a milk I was able to drink and not have it jack my up sugar.

I've been purchasing this milk for over a year and now this is the second time this milk was crossed off the list. It now has spread too several other local Walmart stores. The reason they gave me is that almond milk was the trend. I spoke with the dairy clerk filling the units and he said look at all that almond milk I can't even move it.

They just keep ordering and stacking it up. Hood milk is a major mover in all the Walmart stores I've been in, you've got to get there when it arrives or your left out.

So due to poor marketing, Walmart has failed the test. Please bring it back.....

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